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The Complete Guide To Finding The Best Multi-Effects Pedal (Top 10 List)

Guitar effects pedal makes sound customization so much more convenient and comfortable. Having a dedicated guitar pedal allows you to customize and output fine-tailored sound with the right tones and effects.

In short, high-quality multi-effects pedals meet the needs of pros and amateurs, allowing them to explore, learn and play the sounds exactly the way they wanted. Take a look at our list below and see if you can find a pedal that meets your needs.

1. Boss GT-1 – The Best Guitar Pedal For Beginners


Boss GT-1

The GT-1 is inexpensive, easy to use and compact. Despite its low price, the GT-1 gives you plenty of effects and amps useful for all types of music. The interface is beginner-friendly and allows simple sound creation. When paired with responsive pedal and a responsive control switch, you get a sound-enhancing effects pedal.

Note that this isn’t a high-tech modeler, so you can’t expect the same modeling and high-quality effects as you would receive from a more expensive unit. However, you can utilize the GT-1 to its fullest through a careful combination of its CTL1 and your custom-made patches.


      • inexpensive
      • suitable for beginners
      • decent sound quality
      • easy to use


      • restrictive modeling
      • limited use of footswitches


2. Line 6 Helix – The Best All-Around Pedalboard


Line 6 Helix

The Line 6 Helix is built for professionals. It has a powerful modeling engine (DSP HX engine) designed to be the best of the best. This floorboard multi-effect pedal can effectively replace your entire rig; it amplifies, records and controls the sound.

The Line 6 Helix features four stereo channels, 45 A (amperes) and 70 effects, among other things. It is reasonably easy to use, thanks to the touch-sensitive and highly responsive switches that allow convenient switching.

This pedal is versatile and offers broad application, which is why we recommend it to professionals and aspiring guitarists. However, if you don’t need all that versatility, consider opting for something less expensive.


  • broad application
  • extensive connectivity
  • smooth functions
  • sleek design


    • somewhat expensive


3. Head Rush Pedalboard – The Most User-Friendly Pedalboard


Head Rush

The Head Rush utilizes the power of a quad-core processor to run smoothly and efficiently. It features a 7-inch touchscreen to meet modern needs, allowing you to edit your patches conveniently.

It has 12 footswitches, 20 min of recording (looper), tons of effects and functional modes. The footswitches are color-coded LEDs for more straightforward and more unambiguous usability.

And when it comes to sound quality, the Head Rush doesn’t “misfire” even when you approach its amp limits; it is clean, clear and frizz-free. Look into it if you are looking for a user-friendly pedalboard with fantastic amp modeling features.


      • sophisticated and elegant
      • color-coded footswitches
      • amazing amp modeling
      • outputs clear and fizz-free sound


      • lacks included-in software editor


4. Line 6 HX – The Best Multi-Effects Pedal Without Amp Modeling


Line 6 HX

The Line 6 HX is sturdy and easy to use. It lacks the amp modeling function, but features plenty of sound effects and allows simple editing. Highly responsive footswitch gives you an insight into the editor, allowing you to edit the patch immediately.

The Line 6 HX is compact and space-saving, allowing convenient carrying. This pedalboard also features outer loops and two slots for external pedals. This item isn’t used for amp modeling, but for simple editing and enhanced sound output. If you are looking for multi-effects pedals without amp modeling, try the Line 6 HX.


      • compact and sleek design
      • convenient and easy to use
      • simple editing
      • features every Helix effect


      • won’t work with all pedals


5. Fractal AX8 – The Best Amp Modeler


  1. Fractal_AX8The AX8 uses Quantum Amp Modelling to deliver the effects of a real amp. It also features built-in effects, thanks to the efficient utilization of the Fractal’s advanced algorithms. This pedal uses Axe-Fx II processor, which allows supreme editing and sound modeling.It features 222 A and130 cabs (with 512 user cabs slots, which is more than enough to deliver quality sound and store all entries. You can edit the sound mechanically or via free software, which requires PC connectivity. Alas, you have 11 switches with which you can control the sound and deliver unmatched on-stage performance.Pros:
        • compact and easy to use
        • potent (222 A)
        • delivers fantastic sounds
        • features plenty of sound effects
        • sturdy construction


        • restrictive CPU performance


6. Eventide H9 – The Most High-Tech Multi-Effects Pedal


Eventide H9

The Eventide H9 comes with plenty of built-in effects and algorithms. Naturally, you can purchase other effects additionally, which is excellent because the H9 supports all Eventide effects virtually.

This high-tech pedalboard is exceptionally versatile and allows a lot of room for editing. You can connect it via Bluetooth or USB to the editor that is compatible with all platforms (Windows, iOS, Mac, etc.) The H9 is perfect for those than want on-demand access to all effects, paired with simple editing and the excellent sound output.


      • convenient and sophisticated
      • compact and lightweight
      • versatile usability
      • boasts excellent effects


      • somewhat fragile
      • not suited for old-fashioned guitarists


7. Boss MS-3 Switches – The Most Versatile Multi-Effects Pedal 

Boss MS-3

The MS-3 is an excellent solution for those that own up to three pedals and seek access to various effects. The MS-3 boasts 112 effects, allows you to switch amp channels, features 200 patch memories, and features noise suppressor for better control (among other things.)

It features advanced delay and reverb systems, as well as Boss special effects for acoustic and electric guitars. While the built-in drive isn’t of highest quality, you can use the include three slots to attach your drives.


      • 2 in 1 design (switcher and muti-effect)
      • high-quality sound effects
      • three slots for external drives
      • durable and sturdy


      • tiny screen
      • poor quality drive sound


8. Zoom MS-50G – The Best Budget Multi-Effects Pedal


Zoom MS-50G

The MS-50G boasts 22 amps and more than 100 effects, all packed in a compact device. It also features a built-in chromatic tuner with which you can control the sound.

You can module, fill, delay, pitch and so forth. We particularly liked the distortion effects, and the item’s ability to create patches with the help of six connected blocks. If you are looking for practical and budget pedalboard, try the MS-50G.


      • extremely inexpensive
      • compact and easy to use
      • features excellent effects


      • lacks sophistication
      • comes without a power supply


9. Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 – The Best Multi-Effects Pedal For Frequent Travelers

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

The Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 is by far the most compact unit on our list, ideal for those that travel frequently. It is also highly functional, with an automatic switcher and six control knobs.

It features only essential features and effects for the purpose of compactness. You can connect it to your guitar amp or a mixer and utilize its two footswitches fully to deliver old-fashioned or modern sound. If you need to travel lightly, consider opting for the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5.


      • extremely compact
      • easy to use
      • inexpensive
      • plenty of effects


      • limited usability
      • limited functions


10. Hotone Xtomp Mini – The Best Multi-Effects Pedal For Multi-Band Guitarists


Hotone Xtomp Mini

The Xtomp Mini boasts 140 effects and plenty of amp simulators, all of which you can load into the pedal (one at a time.) Once you load the effect, the knobs will light up, signaling that you can adjust and edit.

You can also load the pedal with your smartphone, which is very convenient. This is perfect for those who play in more than one band, for you can import your effect on your phone and then export them to the pedal accordingly. Then again, it will be difficult to switch between effects, for which you’ll also need your smartphone.


      • inexpensive and compact
      • features many effects
      • effects are easy to load
      • smartphone-compatible


    • changing effects can be difficult

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