Guy Places a “Pad” on His Acoustic Guitar and Played Electronic Music on It

This is Not Some Kind of Sorcery; It’s Really the World’s First Ever Wireless Midi Controller for Acoustic Guitars

But first thing’s first, what is MIDI and how can it revolutionize guitar playing? MIDI stands for Musical Instrumental Digital Interference and you can mostly see it on keyboards.

Decades ago, if you are a keyboardist and want to make different sound, you have to use different keyboards. But then MIDI was made and it works by telling an instrument what kind of sound to use, the key to play, how hard to hit it and to add more reverb. MIDI can also be used to back up sounds or to update firmware.

But how can you use MIDI on a guitar and what would the result be? To know the answer to that question, you need to see this video.

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