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(Viral) 1000 Foo Fighter fans play to bring band to hometown

This will bring a tear to your eye… Especially if your Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

Grab your guitar, bass, drum set, or even your baton and join the most popular petition in music history. These 1,000 Foo Fighters fans got together and played one of their hit songs “Learn to Fly” in the Sunshine. Although, you’ll have to read the article in order to see if these musicians favorite band comes and plays for them….



Olivia Rudgard By Olivia Rudgard, video source Rockin 1,00012:30PM BST 31 Jul 2015

There aren’t many better ways to show your dedication to a band than getting 1,000 musicians to blast out one of their biggest hits all at once. That’s what 1,000 Foo Fighters fans decided to do to persuade their favourite band to come and play in their city. In this amazing video, shot on Sunday 26 July, musicians, including drummers, singers, bassists, guitarist and even a conductor, played the uplifting Foo Fighters hit Learn to Fly in the sunshine.

Rockin 1,000 are trying to get the rock band to come and play in their home city of Cesena in Italy, and have been fundraising for the event and video for more than a year. The group crowdfunded the campaign and reached their fundraising goal in May, raising almost €45,000. After the song is played group founder Fabio Zaffagnini says: “I guess this video is going to be seen by a huge amount of people all over the world, but to be true it’s been conceived to be addressed just to five people.

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