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Girl plays “Hotel California” on a guitar, and is completely astounding!

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A young guitar player named Gabriella Quevedo decided to pick up her guitar and play one of The Eagles classic hits, “Hotel California”. Any fan of this song knows that it is difficult to play and it takes a lot of skill to get it just right. But this young girl knows exactly what she is doing. She must have taken the time to properly learn the song because she is able to play the vocal melody of the song, the guitar chords, and at one point, she plays the classic bass line and the backup melodies as well. This talented and amazing girl is able to take her guitar and make the entire band’s instruments fit into just one guitar.


Gabriella Quevedo sits down with her guitar and takes on The Eagles ‘Hotel California,’ which goes without saying, it’s not an easy song to play. If you keep your eyes on her fingers, you’ll notice she plays the song so effortlessly, her technical skill and natural rhythm give this classic an impressive new spin.

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