Four Best Guitarists of All Time in One Big Concert

Get ready to be in guitar frenzy with these brilliant guitarists on tour, America!

The Great Guitars will be on tour in some cities in the United Stated of America for the whole October!

The tour includes the world’s best acoustic guitar virtuosos such as Frank Vignola, Peppino D’Agostino, and Martin Taylor. These renowned guitar maestros will showcase their best songs and have put together their creative forces for a concert that’s truly worth watching.

The concert will not only feature guitar mastery, but also humor, emotion, and musical explosion. It’s definitely a concert worth every penny.

Read more details about the tour here.

brilliant guitarists
brilliant guitarists

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  1. “BEST” I’m sorry you lost me with that . My BEST ever is and will always be Django ! 4 Greats maybe but I suggest you lay off superlatives when making subjective statements .

  2. Great guitarists… There are many names which come to mind, many great performances…one which captures me is Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin & Al Di Meola together on Mediterranean Sunrise, 2006.

  3. The best of all time? C’mon. Also, Charlie Byrd, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel performed as “The Great Guitars” decades ago so even that is a ripoff.

  4. Best of all time? No way!!! the above mentioned Djaango Reinhart, Andre Segovia, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, how about Wes Montgomery, the legendary Les Paul, and his friend Chet Atkins, for you rockers, how about Hendrix, Kim Simmonds, Peter Green, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, and blues men Muddy Waters, BB King Albert King and Stevie Ray, just to name a few!!!

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